I haven’t logged onto my tumblr since months ago, really. It makes me sad to see how much tumblr has changed..& how much people disappeared from it, lol. :( This used to be where everyone spent their summer nights in 2012, now that its 2013, everything’s different. 


Babe. from Alyssa Olivares on Vimeo.


This is the type of relationship I want

first thing he says when I wake up, almost every morning. (‘:

justawefull said: Staaaahp! Why would you have a self esteem issue! You're really pretty! D;

Because there’s so many GORGEOUS girls out there. & no one likes competition >_< . ahhdbdklsnsodn fck. 


I want to sit with a special someone and plant kisses onto her cheeks.

Anonymous said: For me, if someone broke up with me. It would hurt too much to see them at all. I would need time to go by before I would be able to handle seeing them again. The more I cared for them, the more time I would need to go by. But eventually I would be able to be just friends with them (but that would also depends on how they broke up with me).

I understand how that’s the after math of most relationships but it’s been a year and a couple months now & it’s still not getting better. But oh well, not everyone’s meant to stay in your life no matter how hard you try to keep them in. & the break up was because of distance but anyway who is this?